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East Coast Realty & Property Management

East Coast Realty & Property Management provides its Clients Top-notch record keeping and an exceptional accounting process are at the core of our business philosophy and are essential to maintaining the quality of management that meet the expectations of our clients.  We are experts in financial reporting for property management.  A rental property should be treated like a business and the ability to gather information and make rational decisions concerning your business’ financial status depends on accurate, detailed records and concise reports and statements.  You can rest easy knowing that our books balance and that every cent is accounted for.

As part of our financial reporting for property management services, we hold tenant security deposits in escrow and make sure all applicable state and federal laws regarding the holding of deposits are strictly followed, limiting the liability of our clients at no additional cost.

We encourage tenants to pay rent electronically, so their payments clear our accounts fast and we can pay our clients as quickly as possible.  After all, it’s their money; we just collect it for them.

Comprehensive annual financial statements, as well as all relevant tax materials, are provided for each property each year before tax-time.  Financial reporting for property management has never been better or easier.

Every month, an income statement can be prepared and sent electronically corresponding with the monthly owner distribution which is direct deposited into the owner’s account.  Additionally, owners can review a wide variety of other financial reports, from rent rolls to budget-to-actual comparative statements, at their leisure through our secure web portal owner management system.  Be sure to contact us if you’d like more information about our financial reporting for property management clients.

501 S. Raleigh Street

Phone: (304)264-8177 
Fax: (304)264-0594
Email: Jworem@Gmail.Com
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