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We have a specialty in REO ( Foreclosure ) . We have several buyer agents dedicated to only working with buyers. Commercial property sales and management is just another area of expertise that we offer.

John Orem & Associates, LLC.
501 S. Raleigh Street

Phone: (304)264-8177  ext: 101
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Fax: (304)264-0594
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Email: jworem@gmail.com

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How this Team Uses Diversity & Agility to Stay on Top When most people think of diversity, they usually think about social and demographic backgrounds. But for John Orem, diversity spans everything from markets, to business specialization to demographics, and this broad definition of diversity has helped his team succeed during recession and turn on a dime to drive sales sharply higher when the markets recover. Here's how it's done.


When Mid-Atlantic real estate languished through a recession in the late 1990's, John concentrated on selling bank-owned and foreclosed properties.

But he never gave up on other areas. So when the real estate market finally began to turn around, John was prepared to switch gears and focus on the suddenly emerging move-up market while at the same time grabbing listings for non-owner-occupied homes that suddenly had a market. 

Cultivating a team with a variety of talents and tactics has given me strength, allowing me to weather the ups and downs of real estate without a hitch.

Although starting small years ago. He sold a few homes the first year, doubling that figure every year after that  got him to the level of nearly 1000 units sold since 2008.

All Though we adopt specialties -- like foreclosure properties -- as the market demands, We lower risks by covering a very diverse marketing strategy.

We sell homes ranging from $10,000 Lots to $1,000,000.00 executive homes. And don't forget about the large Commercial side of our diversity!

Diversity of our team is one key to success, regardless of the market. The team is comprised of agents and staff , who concentrate on generating and selling listings and working hand in hand with buyers.

We apply the same diversity focus to marketing, which is built around a web of electronic and conventional methods.

We work our sphere of influence with past customers mainly through monthly mailings or electronic newsletters for the more techno-savvy. Most properties are listed not only on the www.JohnOrem.com Web site, but also on a multitude of other paid internet sites giving  maximum exposure to assure quick sales.

"There are two ways of building success; One is the pyramid of success with past clients. The other is to generate new business. Our goal has always been to work on both areas. If you generate the business, and you're doing a good job, you can pyramid. But you also need to fuel the new energy."






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