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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

Ba - Bal - Bas - Be - Ben - Bi - Bl - Bo - Bor - Br - Bu - Bun
A parlor, inner room, or the second room of a two-room cottage.
  1. Shelf of rock surrounded by steep areas.
  2. A work surface.
  3. An elevator in a mine.
  4. A long seating surface.
Bench Dog
A pin or bolt placed in a hole on a work surface to hold the work in place.
Bench Grinder
Motorized grinder used to sharpen steel or other hard metals. Attached to a bench to raise it to a working height, the wheel is mounted either on the motor shaft or a separate shaft supported on bearings and driven by a motor through a belt.
Leveling of the area around an excavation site to avoid having soil slip into the excavation.
Bench Lathe
Workbench mounted small metal or wood lathe.
Bench Mark
Permanent marker, which is established to be used as a reference point so that all measurements can be made from a common point. To surveyors, a bench mark, in the ground, gives them a starting point for all future surveys.
Bench Saw
Also referred to as a table saw, this blade of this circular power saw is exposed through an opening in the surface of a sturdy work bench or table. The blades are able to be adjusted to different angles and heights and guides aid the work past the saw blade.
Bench Stone
Sharpening stone.
Bench Stop
Device to hold work in place on a work station.
Bench Vise
Work surface vise.
Formed curve in a rebar, section of pipe, etc.
Tool used to make bends.
Bending Moment
Force that works on a structure to make it curve.
Bending Schedule
Listing of needed sizes and radii of bends that are needed for materials in specific projects. A bend is keyed to the total drawing so that it is obvious which bend or bent section should be installed in the proper location. This helps the installer keep track of the proper sequence of installation.
Beneficial Interest
Unit of ownership in a real estate investment trust.
Beneficial Use
Right of peaceful enjoyment of property by one party while the legal title is held by another. This is applicable when rental property is involved.
The lender, who is making a loan, is called either a mortgagee or a beneficiary. The borrower is the mortgagor.
Beneficiary Statement
Lien holder's statement showing the unpaid balance on a trust deed note.
Framework used to strengthen the width of a bridge or any structural support extending across a building centerline.
Bent Cap
The highest structural member in a bent.
Bent-nose Pliers
Designed to reach into tight places these needle-nosed pliers have the ends of their jaws bent at right angles to the tool axis.
Wood that is curved and permanently bent along its grain.
Flammable colorless, volatile, toxic compound used in making chemicals and dyes or as a solvent for resins and fats.
Pass property or personal effects to another through a will.
Property or personal effects given to another through a will.
Built-up lip of concrete used to prevent runoff water from flooding a driveway or garage. Also applied to mound of dirt used to provide protection or containment along a roadway.
Gray metallic, hard, lightweight element; atomic number 4; atomic weight 9.0122; atomic symbol Be.
Improvements made to a home or property that increase the value.
Edge cut at an angle; corner with two angles and a flat plane between.
Bevel Angle
Angle, to which the bevel is cut, is measured from a plane perpendicular to the axis of a material.
Bevel Cut
Plywood panels cut at an angle to make smooth mating joints; board cut at an angle.
Bevel Gauge
Called a bevel square or sliding T-bevel, this measuring tool has an adjustable sliding blade. After the blade is adjusted to the dimensions of an angle, it is locked in so that the exact measurement of the angle is able to be marked for transfer to another piece.
Bevel Gear
To allow for a quieter transmission of power, a bevel gear has teeth cut on the bevel with relation to the axis of the gear to allow it to mesh with another bevel gear.
Bevel Joint
Joining point of two pieces of material at an angle to the axis on one or both.
Bevel Siding
Horizontal siding, tapered in cross section, with the boards overlapping the edges of the boards below.
Bevel Square
Called a bevel gauge or sliding T-bevel, this measuring tool has an adjustable sliding blade. After the blade is adjusted to a specific angle, it is locked in so that the exact measurement of the angle is able to be marked for transfer to another piece.
Beveled Corner Box
Electrical box, used in the wall openings of older buildings, has beveled edges on the top and bottom back
Beveled Edge
Tapered factory edge of wallboard panels.
Beveled Siding
Also known as clapboard, this siding, which is angled, consists of long beveled boards.
Slopping surface such as the cutting edge of a chisel, the diagonal face at the cutting edge.

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Real Estate Glossary